School Holiday Programs

Epic Holiday Programs

Develop their brain and body with an epic fully-supervised 4 hour drop-off program during school holiday weekdays, either 9am-1pm or 1-5pm (including a mid-session snack):

Monkey Climb (ages 5-9) $47 for 4 hours:
Clip ’n Climb and unlimited Cheeky Monkey adventure,
including creative activities and fun games run by a qualified teacher.

Sky Climb (ages 7+) $57 for 4 hours:
SkyTrail/SkyRail, Cheeky Monkey and double Clip ’n Climb with coaching.

Mega Climb (ages 7+) $67 for 4 hours:
SkyTrail/SkyRail, double Clip ’n Climb with coaching, triple Vertical Drop Slide, triple Leap of Faith, Cheeky Monkey and more!