Kinder Climb

Social play is important for a child's development, i.e. learning and growing through fun playgroups. From little things, big things grow. Kinder Climb is a wonderful way to strengthen the minds and bodies of pre-school children by:

  • improving coordination, core muscles, fine and gross motor skills,
  • encouraging problem solving and goal setting,
  • enhancing balance and body awareness,
  • improving language by cross pattern movement,
  • developing emotional regulation and sensory perception,
  • increasing strength and endurance,
  • building confidence in a safe and supportive environment,

... and it's exciting fun for the kids!

The Kinder Climb package fee of $18.50 per child (approx. 50% saving) includes: up to 1 hour of climbing, two GameWall sessions and unlimited play in the multilevel Cheeky Monkey adventure playcentre (including Australia's largest spider-tower), so you can stay and play all day.

Sessions run Tuesday to Friday starting 11am or 12 noon, excluding public holidays and school holidays. Come on a casual basis or enrol for the 10 week school term and save a further 10% off your total session fees.

Great for kids aged 2-6 years. Parental supervision is required at all times, but it's fun watching them learn to climb.

Call 9769 9966 to book your Kinder Climb session and meet up with other Kinder Climb playgroup mums, dads and carers.