ClimbFIT Membership

Put the FUN in FUNctional fitness with ClimbFIT packages from $15.29 per week.

SAVE $50 when you join before 31 March 2022.

ClimbFIT members can enjoy unlimited access to the Clip 'n Climb Arena #^.

ClimbFIT is great for kids and adults wanting to:

  • Enjoy the repeated adrenaline rush of exhilarating climbing.
  • Have fun improving whole body FUNctional fitness (esp. core muscles).
  • Make climbing their sport and climb better, higher and faster.
  • Use climbing to improve coordination, muscle motor skills, problem solving, trust and confidence, including help with conditions like ASD.

ClimbFIT membership benefits (see the Agreement Form for details):

  • Access the Clip 'n Climb Berwick climbing arena as often as you like #^.
  • No need to book, just call and let us know that you’re coming.
  • Optional ClimbFIT assessment and tailored climbing program.
  • Unlimited GameWall access (when available).

# ClimbFIT does not include: SkyTrail, Cheeky Monkey, Drop Slide or Leap of Faith.
^ Climbing members under 13 years old need to be fully supervised by an adult.

Four funding options to become a ClimbFIT member (see Agreement form for details). Call us on 03 9769 9966 to arrange funding:

  1. One-Month-Prepaid $97 (via cash or credit/debit card)
    (equivalent to $22.38 per week, $1,154 per year)
  2. Monthly EFTPOS in advance, with a Yearly Commitment: $73 per month *
    (equivalent to $16.85 per week, $876 per year)
  3. Annual EFTPOS in advance, with a Yearly Commitment: $795 per year *
    (equivalent to $15.29 per week, $66.25 per calendar month)

* A one-time Joining Fee of $50 applies for EFTPOS funding options 2 & 3, but this is waived if you join before 30 June 2023.

To join: download and complete the ClimbFIT Membership Agreement and bring/email the scanned form to so that we can arrange the financial transaction.

Please call us if you are considering a FAMILY membership so that we can arrange a discounted package for your family.

Call us on 9769 9966 if you have questions about ClimbFIT.