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Clip 'n Climb, SkyTrail or GameWall Party
Standard Options $35.50 per person
Premium Options $40.50 per person
Deluxe Options $45.50 per person
Cheeky Monkey Party
Standard Options $25.50 per person
Premium Options $30.50 per person
Deluxe Options $35.50 per person
Mega Party
Standard Options $48.50 per person
Premium Options $53.50 per person
Deluxe Options $58.50 per person
Standard $2.50 extra per person
Premium & Deluxe $5.00 extra per person
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Mega Party:

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Clip 'n Climb


Cheeky Monkey Climb

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GameWall has exciting interactive multiuser games projected on it with body tracking (like a giant 4m high touchscreen). Sessions run for 5 minutes.

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* The party boy/girl will receive a free drop and slide combo.
Adult Platter: * Platters server 8 - 10 people.
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{{session.members}} for {{session.activityFull}} at {{session.time | date : 'shortTime'}}


{{extra.title}}: {{extra.input}} x ${{(extra.price / 100).toFixed(2)}} ${{((extra.price * extra.input) / 100).toFixed(2)}}
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{{platter.platter.Title}}: {{platter.quantity}} x ${{(platter.platter.Price / 100).toFixed(2)}} ${{(platter.quantity * platter.platter.Price / 100).toFixed(2)}}
Subtotal: ${{(booking.getExtrasSubtotal() / 100).toFixed(2)}}


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GameWall:{{booking.getGameWallClimbers()}} x ${{(booking.gameWallCost / 100).toFixed(2)}}${{((booking.gameWallCost / 100) * booking.getGameWallClimbers()).toFixed(2)}}
GameWall Subtotal:${{((booking.gameWallCost / 100) * booking.getGameWallClimbers()).toFixed(2)}}
GameWall Party:{{booking.getGameWallClimbers()}} x ${{(booking.formData.selectedPartyType.CncSkyPrice / 100).toFixed(2)}}${{((booking.formData.selectedPartyType.CncSkyPrice / 100) * booking.getGameWallClimbers()).toFixed(2)}}
Sessions Subtotal:${{(booking.totalAmount / 100).toFixed(2)}}
Party - {{booking.getPartyTypeName()}}:{{booking.getTotalClimbers()}} x ${{(booking.getPartyCostPerPerson() / 100).toFixed(2)}}${{(booking.getTotalClimbers() * (booking.getPartyCostPerPerson() / 100)).toFixed(2)}}
Unlimited Cheeky Monkey Access Pass{{booking.getTotalClimbers()}} x ${{(booking.unlimitedCheekyMonkeyCost / 100).toFixed(2)}}${{((booking.unlimitedCheekyMonkeyCost / 100) * booking.getTotalClimbers()).toFixed(2)}}
Game Wall extra{{booking.getTotalClimbers()}} x ${{(booking.gameWallCost / 100).toFixed(2)}}${{((booking.gameWallCost / 100) * booking.getTotalClimbers()).toFixed(2)}}
Gluten Free Servings:{{booking.formData.glutenFreeServings}} x ${{(booking.formData.selectedPartyType.GlutenFreePrice / 100).toFixed(2)}}${{(booking.getGlutenFreeServingsCost() / 100).toFixed(2)}}
Extras Subtotal:${{(booking.getExtrasSubtotal() / 100).toFixed(2)}}
Discount:${{( / 100).toFixed(2)}}
Total:${{((booking.totalAmount - / 100).toFixed(2)}}

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Date: {{}}

Climbers: {{booking.getTotalClimbers()}}

Session Cost: ${{(booking.totalAmount / 100).toFixed(2)}}
Discount: ${{( / 100).toFixed(2)}}
Total: ${{((booking.totalAmount - / 100).toFixed(2)}}


{{session.members}} for {{session.activityFull}} at {{session.time | date : 'shortTime'}}
{{booking.getGameWallClimbers()}} for GameWall at {{booking.formData.selectedGameWallSuggestion.Time | date : 'shortTime'}}

Party: {{booking.formData.selectedPartyType.Title}}