Clip ’n Climb Berwick takes family fun to new heights with Australia’s largest multi-level indoor suspended obstacle course.

Boasting a zig zagging series of 21 exciting rope, cable and wooden challenges on giant poles and platforms, it promises a great natural high – and at 10 metres tall, we do mean high!

Find your feet on easier elements at lower levels, then increase the challenge and adrenalin rush the higher you go.

Choose your own path and pace, and feel secure with your harness safely locked into the structure until you're back down at ground level.

SkyRail, the only one in Australia, is an overhead flying fox track attached to the SkyTrail course that lets you 'fly' for 20 metres, six metres up. Soar on SkyRail as often as you like during your one-hour session.

There are several exciting ninja style challenges such as: the giant Rolling Log, Ledge Walk, Twisted Rope and Swinging Beam all 8 metres above the floor.


SkyTrail climbers must be over 1 metre and under 2 metres tall.

Anyone between 1 metre to 1.2 metres tall must have an adult chaperone (assistant) with them on SkyTrail (they're not permitted to climb alone).  

Climbers under 1.2m (120cm) tall are not permitted to ride SkyRail (the flying fox).

Please book your session online.