Australia's first double GameWalls are the latest innovation in thrilling entertainment and exercise. These high-tech climbing walls from Finland use augmented reality to project multiuser interactive video games. The walls become massive touchscreens, with body-tracking cameras that immerse you in the game. You can even replay and share YouTube videos of your games.

Can be altered to suit kids and adults of all sizes and abilities. The exciting, multi-user, interactive games include:

  • Climball: exciting 2 player "Pong" style game using your body as the paddle.
  • Astromania: protect the earth by smashing hurtling, fiery asteroids.
  • Sparks: shockingly enjoyable, avoid the electric beams to conquer the maze.
  • Whack-a-Bat: score by whacking heaps of flying bats with your friends.
  • Hullaballoon: pop many balloons (1 to 4 players) before the time runs out.
  • Augmented Problems: create climbing routes suited to your szie / skill level.
  • Flash: a fun, fast-paced game racing numeric puzzles on the wall.
  • Shadowlings: push cute, fluffy creatures to a portal with your shadow.