Cheeky Monkey

Do you know a 2 to 12 year-old cheeky monkey?

Then don’t miss Cheeky Monkey – our exciting new jungle-themed playground attraction, custom-designed for us by Australia’s leading indoor play specialist.

With five fascinating levels towering up to 8 metres, Cheeky Monkey Climb includes:

  • Spider Tower (7 metres) suitable for all abilities with entries low, lookouts high and exits at all levels
  • Speed Slide with two lanes
  • Spiral Slide (5.5 metres) with exciting clear sections
  • Multi-level ball battle arena, with ball fountains and cannons
  • Obstacle passages, including a kaleidoscope tube

Cheek Monkey tickets are valid for all day play. Adult supervision is required, especially to ensure no bare feet, no climbing on the netting and no running up the slides.

Please book your session online.